Jagge arrived at Alex's place after a 4 hours trainride, since Felix can't arrange things. Just kidding...Atagge was on shred again, finally. We went to the superfunny trashpark again. It was fun, but a lot of shoveling due to the 35cm of fresh cement that came down in the last days.

Good Morning USA (unser schönes Allgäu)

Alex nosepressing rail number 3 from the left. No pop off, but tapping the downparts! start hating!

Jagge popping a shifty over the last 2 minidowns in the rain. There was a pretty quick weather change going on!

After 8 hours of nonstop shoveling and shredding we were exhausted. At least Jagge and Steffen. Alex still pretends to be fit like a turnschuh!

Shots by Steffen the way.